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TERADATA case when statement in WHERE.

I need to write a case statement in the WHERE clause, which is - when current_date is 1st of Month then select data BETWEEN 1st day of prev month AND last day prev month ELSE FROM 1st of Curr month till date. I have written this so far but it is not working. '05/01/2017' will be input date. In Teradata using case statement, you can specify an alternative value for a conditional expression based on the equality comparison that evaluates to true. Basically you represent some data based on different conditions. If a statement following a WHEN or ELSE clause raises an exception and the stored procedure contains a handler to handle the exception condition, the behavior is identical to exceptions occurring within an IF or WHILE statement. See “Statement‑Specific Condition Handling” on. case statement syntax in teradata. Teradata SQL CASE statement with Example. 2013-06-19. By: Raj. On: June 19, 2013. In: Teradata SQL Commands. With: 2 Comments. Teradata SQL CASE expression is used to check for various conditions sequentially and produce result depending on.

TRY try expression Evaluate an expression and handle certain types of errors by returning NULL. In cases where it is preferable that queries produce NULL or default values instead of failing when corrupt or invalid data is encountered, the TRY function may be useful. This form of IF executes the statements within the IF and ELSE bounds when conditional_expression evaluates to TRUE. Otherwise, the statements within the ELSE and END IF bounds execute. In the following example, only one of the specified INSERT statements executes, depending on the value for hNoAccts. IF hNoAccts =.

Teradata - SELECT Statement - SELECT statement is used to retrieve records from a table. Within Teradata SQL, it’s not called “IFTHEN”, it’s called “CASEWHEN”. For example, let’s say you had a list of orders and you wanted to count them in based on the dollar amount, into buckets of: $1-100, $101-$1000, and > $1000. 30/08/2007 · Nothing revolutionary here, I just recently tried to use a SQL CASE statement as part of an SQL UPDATE statement. I had never tried this before and I am quite happy that it works. I am working on a transactional system that allows for the voiding of account credits. As part of the Void process, I. Hi: If you're using SQL code, then your CASE statement needs an "AS" to create the "new" column. In the example below, NEWVAR is a character variable that is created based on the CASE condition that an observation meets.

case statement syntax in teradata – Teradata SQL.

From the above example, you can see that Employee Amal has not provided any phone number so COALESCE statement returned NULL i.e. Phone not available. In case of other employee it. I see nothing wrong with the original logic, though you should use the table alias: WHEN New_Score IS NULL or New_Score=0 THEN. Using functions like nvl.

Access. Loading. However, it is powerful enough to have a CASE statement within a CASE statement. So that the system can tell where each CASE starts and ends, the nested CASE statements must be imbedded in parentheses and each CASE must have its own END. The size of the SQL statement is more of the limiting factor than is the number of CASE statements in a SELECT.

Like any other programming language, Teradata SQL provides if-then-else logic using the CASE statement. It helps in fetching alternate values for a column based. 17. SQL Statement Syntax. This chapter describes the SQL syntax used in Presto. 14/06/2011 · In simple CASE statement you provide selector value – in our case this is the credit_class field. Than you specify a number of values that the selector value should be matched against using the WHEN clause. The Teradata database checks the WHEN conditions starting from the first one if it matches the selector value. teradata - SQL: case-when statement with "exists" I'd like to be able to set add a field that answers the question "For a value in this record, does that value meet some condition in another table?". I thought I'd try a case-when with an exists, but Teradata my dbms does not like it.

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