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There are 3 main colors of the Bullmastiff: Red, Fawn, and Brindle. All should have their trademark black mask. Red can range from light rust shades to a deep red. Fawn can be a light tan to darker brown Brindle can be a striped overlay of either color. Brindle was the original preferred color. Bullmastiffs will easily reach the height of 27 inches and can weigh between 100 to 130 pounds. So, if you plan on getting one, make sure you have plenty of space for this dog. These dogs are short-coated and usually come in fawn, red or brindle colors. Any bullmastiff having at least one brindle gene will be a brindle. Brindle-coated bullmastiffs may be either E m e br or e br e br, a brindle carrying a masking gene or a pure brindle. Since the dark brindle color may cover the masked portions, there may be no discernible difference between the pure brindle and one carrying a making gene. Brindle Bullmastiff. The AKC accepts only three color variants for Bullmastiff dogs eligible for any competition. These are red, fawn and brindle. There are variations between individual colors as the fawn can range from light to almost reddish-brown. To understand how brindle is inherited in the Bullmastiff, there are only two things you have to know. The first is that brindle is a pattern gene, and is carried separately from coat color. One does not influence the other. Thus a fawn brindle is a fawn dog that carries the brindle gene.

Feb 26, 2018 - Explore bennyblanco4799's board "Brindle Mastiff" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Brindle mastiff, English mastiff and Mastiff puppies. The Bullmastiff was initially utilized as a gamekeeper’s dog- to track down poachers and tackle them to the ground. Once the need for gamekeeper’s dogs decreased, the Bullmastiff was bred with a lighter, more desirable coat color. Initially the Bullmastiff was bred with a dark coat color. Just like other coat colors and patterns, the brindle color pattern is a genetic trait, caused by a particular combination of genes. There are a handful of different places loci along your dog’s DNA strand that determine her color pattern. These are referred to as gene series, and they are labelled by a letter.

It comes in three colors: red, fawn or brindle specks and streaks of light and dark markings with a dark muzzle and ears. Occasionally, a Bullmastiff will have a small white mark on their chest. Bullmastiffs don't shed heavily, and their coats are easy to keep clean and. The Bullmastiff is massive, very powerfully built, but is not a cumbersome dog. The large, broad skull is wrinkled and the muzzle is broad, deep and usually darker in color. The forehead is flat and the stop is moderate. The black nose is wide and has large nostrils. The teeth meet in a level or undershot bite. The medium sized eyes are dark hazel.

This breed was so good at their job; they were nicknamed the "gamekeeper's night dog"; dark brindle was favored so they could blend in with the night. Later fawn coat with the black mask became the choice to guard estates and are now the vision that most likely comes to mind when one thinks of a Bullmastiff.

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